Important Functions Of IT Department In An Organization

The IT (information technology) department in an organization is responsible for planning, organizing and supporting the IT infrastructure of the organization. It thus enables all the employees to carry out their roles and responsibilities with utmost efficiency and in a secured manner.
The department meets the different technical requirements of the employees and ensures that there is a minimal downtime and thereby avoids loss. The department carries out various roles in the organization, which are:
Typically, every organization has a team of IT officials who is headed by a senior manager. The senior guy along with his executive staff meticulously plans an IT strategy that is in line with the business objectives. And it gives the organization a strong and distinctive edge over the competitors. The senior official also does the complex jobs such as analyzing the IT project cost estimation and customization of software to suit the needs of the specific business department. The IT team is also responsible for providing sufficient IT resources to all the employees and thereby enables them to catch-up with the changing trends.
Set-up Network
This is one of the most important functions of an IT department. The IT members are responsible for developing and operating the network of communication system within the organization. They also are responsible for setting-up the internet protocol network so that employees do not breach the code and work within the limitations of the internet usage mandate set-up by the government. The Senior IT official take the responsibility of including the cost of developing all IT solutions in the IT project cost estimation so that the organization owners can allocate sufficient funds to set-up state of art IT infrastructure. The IT executives develop a network solution that allows even the external members such as customer, suppliers access the corporate network.
Data management
It is obvious that every organization has loads of data, some of them are confidential and it is duty of the IT department to collect, manage and secure all the data of the organization. The IT team is also responsible for distribution of the data; they create a channel through which the employees of different levels can access the data for their decision making. For example, the junior staff and the lower level employees will have only a limited access to the data, whereas, the senior member and the department heads may have full access to the data. All the data such as customer records, financial data, and market research, manufacturing and sales inventories are preserved by the IT department.
This is another important function of the IT department in the organization. The team must protect and secure all the corporate information against cyber-attacks, virus threats and phishing. Any criminal attach on the IT infrastructure can severely affect the functioning of other business operations. Data theft can lead to loss of customer data and other confidential corporate information, which would have further repercussion such as fine from the legislators and damage to the reputation of the company.